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APCM 2023

This was held on Sunday 30 April at 10.15 am after the 9.15 am service
Minutes to follow
APCM Reports

The agenda for the 2022 Annual Meeting of Parishioners and the APCM is here

The Minutes of the 2022 APCM are here

The revised electoral roll is displayed in the church. 

The report on the electoral roll will be here

The report on the PCC and the Parish will be here

The reports on the fabric of the church and churchyard are here

The report on the Deanery Synod is  here

The Treasurer's Report is here

The Accounts are here

The report on Safeguarding is here


David Gorton and Robin Bishop are standing for re-election as churchwardens.

APCM and Annual Meeting of Parishioners 28 April 2022

We are pleased to report that Robin Bishop and David Gorton were duly elected as Churchwardens for the coming year.


PCC members for 2023-24

In addition to the clergy and churchwardens:

Paul Attridge

Ritchie Copues

Robin Densem

Philip Juniper

Stephane McCarthy

Jan Pearson

Jean Skinner

Deanery Synod representative 2023-26

Robin Bishop

PCC Secretary

Rachel Carter

Electoral Roll Officer

Elizabeth Dempster

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