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Charitable and educational grants

Here is a list of charitable and educational grants available for young people and communities in Hertingfordbury and the Five Greens, and Hertford


  1. Walter Wallinger’s Charity

Grants for educational purposes to people under 25 who have, for at least two years, lived or been educated within ‘the ancient parish of Hertingfordbury’, which today roughly means Hertingfordbury village and the five Greens and outlying houses or children who attended Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School or St Joseph’s School for at least two years.

Each year, there is around £1500 available, with typical grants being in the region of £300. Grants are given for something that will help the applicant’s education in a broad sense, e.g. musical instruments, instrumental lessons, specialist equipment, courses, laptops, etc. The grant is available to anyone in a school, FE college or Higher Education.


Application forms can be obtained from Robin Bishop, the Chair of the Walter Wallinger’s Charity, at

2. Newton Exhibition Foundation.

This charity makes grants to promote the education (including both social and physical training) of young people up to the age of 25 who either:

  • Are, or who have been, attending a school in Hertford, or 

  • Are resident in Hertford but, due to their disabilities, attend a special school outside the town.

In the past grants have been paid to pupils to contribute to the costs of attending a school trip abroad, staying at Cuffley Activity camp and receiving extra flute lessons to enable the pupil to reach a higher level. The charity was set up as a Christian foundation but applications are welcome on behalf of pupils of all faiths and none. Application forms are available from

​3. Ancient Charities of Hertford

For people in need of support (referrals need to come from a body such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or Social Services). More information from the town council's website:  Clubs, Societies, Charities & Volunteering (

Grants available for Community Group projects
1. Hertford Town Council

More information from the Town Council's website:

Community Grant | Apply for a Grant (


2. East Hertfordshire District Council

More information from East Hertfordshire Council's website:

Grants and Funding | East Herts District Council


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