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St Mary's is a beautiful location for weddings. It is a real privilege to accompany those couples who want to get married at St Mary's on their journey towards marriage. It is really important to us that each couple feels part of our community and we encourage them to get to know folk through attending services and social occasions. We are committed to supporting each couple through marriage preparation and prayer, and we display their photos on a special board in church so that we can get to know each other by name.

Our Wedding Administrator is Karen Cox. If you would like to discuss the arrangements and legal requirements for marrying at St Mary's, please contact  Karen - tel: 07990 578749 email:


















It is wonderful when parents want to bring their children to St Mary's for baptism. Alan or Bill will usually visit the family at home to talk about the service and to answer any questions. We hope in time that the family find their spiritual home with us or at a church nearer to where they live. Usually children are baptised in the parish in which they live, but please do still contact us if you have other reasons for choosing St Mary's.

Baptisms generally take place on Sundays, either during a morning service at 9.15am or in the afternoon at 2pm. For older children or adults who would like to be baptised or confirmed, we regularly hold a short introduction course to Christianity called Searching 4 Faith?.

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child

As an alternative to baptism (Christening), sometimes parents prefer a service of Thanksgiving for the gift of a child. This allows the child, in time, to make up their own mind about being baptised. In this service, we publicly give thanks to God for the child and ask his blessing upon their life and the lives of their family. At this service, the child receives a children's Bible.

For further details, please contact Rev Alan - tel. 01992 582726,

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